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Hi Team, 

Could you please let us know if you have a key word for text compare to ignore case.

Basically                        AB=ab=Ab=aB

Here Im trying to compare a column that has "AB" and the other column as "aB" in dynamic form rule. Right now,  AB is not equal to aB. I need something like ignorecase(aB) so that it is equal.

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Posted 4 months ago

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No problem

This is a true statement

Upper("aBc") = Upper("abc”)

So basically all you need to do is wrap everything with Upper and then everything will be uppercase
hi ,

But the problem here is,  I cant change to Upper(left hand side) column as i have already coded lots of place in my app. I am looking for a shortcut just to escape the scenario here.

I am looking for something in the right hand side column to just accept both case.

some thing like "AbC"=ignorecase("abC")

You will have to change your formulas in your app. There is no master switch for your application to ignore case if that is your question.
So your issue is you have Column A with mixed-case text (that you can't edit) and you need a form rule on Column B to match values from Column A?

Create a helper column Formula - Text and define it as UPPER([Column A]), then match Column B to the helper field instead of to Column A.