IOL Hide works until a change is made to the filters

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I'm using IOL to hide the checkboxes at the left of some specific reports, but as soon as the user applies a dynamic filter and the report refreshes, the checkboxes come back. How can I make them stay gone, or  at least hide again?

relevant js from my module is below:
  if (/qid=7/i.test(querystring) || /qid=9/i.test(querystring) || /qid=11/i.test(querystring)) {
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Posted 4 months ago

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Without seeing the full code its hard to say - but I've had some success just using window.location, particularly and parsing the qb_path out of that. 

var url = window.location;
var qb_path =\?a=/g, "")

I've done similar operations just doing 
if (path === "abc123" && qb_path === "q&qid=45") {} 
with pretty good success.

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