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I am trying to match up IP addresses to determine the location of the IP address.  I am primarily concerned with flagging IP addresses that are from outside the U.S.  

I was able to download a file that shows a range of IP addresses by Country. This file is >200K records.  My thought was to just use the US IP ranges (19K records) and just flag any that came from outside the US.

Below is an example of 3 records for US IP Ranges:
IP Address Range is 18332160 - 18332415
IP Address Range is 34603008 - 34603263
IP Address Range is 34607872 - 34608127

With the new Quick Base Audit records I can get the IP addresses for log-ins and use that in a table, but have not figured a way to take the IP address and cross-reference it against the list of 19K ranges.  I tried a formula field with an If statement similiar to ([IP address] > 18332160 AND [IP Address]<18332415) OR ([IP address] > 34603008 AND [IP Address]<34603263) ... repeat for 19K rows, but the formula is too large.

I am trying this with not only the Quick Base audit log-in records, but for other systems we utilize which we'd like to verify log-ins are only from US IP addresses.  

Thank you in advance.  
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IP addresses come in two varieties IPv4 and IPv6. You are expressing your IP addresses as decimal numbers which is uncommon for IPv4 and never done for IPv6. So I don't think your blacklist / whitelist technique is going to work based on saving the IP addresses in a table and using a formula to test for inclusion or exclusion. Moreover, IP addresses don't map cleanly to location and can easily be defeated by using a proxy of VPN.

If you want to prevent access from specific IP addresses or other geolocation information you probably have to use script and access a geolocation API service. 

I do use a geo-location service in my Pastie database to record where users are located. If you want to pursue a IP address or geo-location solution fee free to contact me off-world using the information in my profile: