Is there a single-click solution to update all records in a table?

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In short, all I need to do is to "re-save" all records in a table, even if nothing is updated,  simply to trigger a form rule that happens upon saving.  The reason a second or "re-save" is needed is because the form rule needs to copy a value that does not yet exist until the key child record is created upon the first save with a QB action.

On the first save, a QB action creates child record of a formula text value that becomes a key in the child table for a summarizing data.

The only option now to tie that child key to the parent is to go back to the parent and either choose the key from the drop down or of course simply open and save because my form rule will take care of it (now that the child key record exists as a choice in the drop down).

Again, I am sure there are a few different ways to skin the cat, but I am guessing the easiest would be something along the lines of a formula URL or particular API that, with one click, can "update" (re-save) all parent records.
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Posted 1 year ago

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This is confusing. Note that a Dynamic Form Rule only fires when a human user edits a single record on a form record and saves the record.  They do not fire for Grid Edits or for other kinds of mass updates such as mass find a replace or APIs.

Is this just a one time update that you need to do?
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Sorry for the confusion, sometimes articulating these concepts can be tough!  I am a big fan of yours, and solved many problems simply by reading through your answers to similar questions posted by the community.  Thank you for your service, you have been a life saver to many!

Anyway, here is a little clarity:

I have a master table called Part Numbers.
I have a child table called Forecasts.   
I have a third table for summary purposes called Forecast Keys.

Forecasts are predictions of how many parts might be ordered for each future month.  Forecasts data for each month can change, but I never modify the record, I must always add a new record for record-keeping purposes.

For example, Part A might have several Forecast records for the same month, such as June 2018, since the outlook for June is always changing between now and then.

In order to have a field summarize the "most recent forecast" for Month X, I created a  text formula field (that will serve as the reference for the third "summary" table): [Part Number]&"|"&[Month].

The only hurdle at this point was the "QuickBase does not allow summarizing relationships in which the reference is a lookup field".  But after reading your post in a related discussion, I followed your advice for the workaround and the relationship and summaries work flawlessly.  

However, while I can automatically create the third table's key [Part Number]&"|"&[Month] with QB action in the Forecasts table, it leaves me in a situation where, to relate/link the two tables, I would have to go into to the individual Forecast records and painstakingly record-by-record chose from the drop down the reference key that now exists in the third table.

Does this mumbo jumbo make any sense or did I just confuse you further?
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