Is there a way to make a multiple choice field an If-Then formula-based field that relies on a response in a different field in the same table?

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I have an app for tracking company vehicle usage by department. What I would like to do is set it up so that depending on the department selected in the first field, only certain vehicles appear in the second field. For example, if someone from Sales wants to check out a vehicle, the Sales department is selected, and only cars available for the Sales team appear as options.

Thank you!

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Posted 4 years ago

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No problem. This is called a Conditional drop down.

Make a Relationship where 1 Dept has Many Vehicles and populate your Vehicles table. Maybe you already have that in place.

On your usage Table you probably already have a drop down for [Related Dept] ideally with a Proxy field Of [Dept Name].

Your usage table will also have a field to select [Related Vehicle]. Set the field Properites in that field such that it's Conditionsl, with the condition that after [Related Department] is selected only display choices where it matches the value on the Vehicles table for [Related Department].
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I don't know what I am missing here... I am trying to do the exact same thing...
I have a table PROJECTS and an relationship where 1 PROJECT has many TASKS.
From a SEPARATE table, I want a user to chose only TASKS related to the PROJECT they chose first... basically same idea as above.  
I am just having trouble with the [Related Task] field... I think I am missing a step somewhere. I have two relationships to the SEPARATE table... one project has many job records and one task has many job records... I can't figure out the conditional field... what type of field is this? How to add it? It seems that whatever type of field I try to add does not have the conditional options...
Thanks in advance for any insight.
Before we get into making the conditional drop down work for you, I need to question your structure as we may be trying to solve a problem that does not need to be solved.

1 Project has many Tasks - that sounds normal.
1 Task has many Jobs - that sounds normal - as it looks like what you call a Job is like a Sub-task.

So why do you need a direct relationship such that 1 Project has many Jobs?  if you want to have a list of Jobs on the Project record, just make a Report Link field on the Project record - you do not need to have a Relationship to make a Report Link field.  If you need any fields from the Project record down on the Jobs record, just pull then though a double hop lookup to the Task record and then from there to the Jobs record.
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Thank you, I figured it out. I did not realize that the option to make a field conditional was in the relationship properties.
OK great,  yes it would be a field property on the [Related Child] field.