Is there any way to visualize weekly events in the calendar?

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Is there any way to visualize weekly events in the calendar? I have a table with checkboxes for days of the week, I want to put them in a calender report. Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to do it, except calculation of the next date in a separate column and putting it in the calender, but this way I get only 1 event and not series... What would be the better solution?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I'm not sure I'm clear on the checkbox function, but it sounds like you have 2 things you'll want to look into. 

1. When you say a series, it sounds like you have an event that happens the same day/time each week, on a specific day of the week. There is actually a way of automating this with a "Make Recurring" Button.

Here's a link on how to set that up. (it's easy so don't be intimidated that it uses API)

2. Checkboxes alone for days of the week are not enough to tell the calendar or timeline report what to display. Both reports require a start date and end date field to indicate where that event should display on the report.

If you choose to go this route, change your form to show the start date, and end date of JUST ONE EVENT.

(if your events will ALWAYS start and end on the same day, and you are not tracking the start time/end times, you will only need one field called "Date", but you will need to set the calendar and/or timeline reports to use this field as both start and end date in the report settings.)

Once the above is done, all you have to do for any event, is create the first of it's kind in a series, save the record, and click the new "Make Recurring" button. This will launch a recurrance setup interview so-to-speak where you can set the schedule, ie weekly, daily, specific days of the week, and how far off into the future it should go. 

Note* You must have Quick Base Premier or higher since this utilizes the API
**If I remember correctly, you can only set a recurring event to create 52 records.
Reply to this post if you need more help/detail.