Item selection criteria for an order entry application

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When selecting items from a large inventory of items in an order entry app, is it possible to first select a manufacturer name, and then access a drop down list of part numbers associated with that manufacturer?  

There are times when the parts list would be filtered by a manufacturer, and other times the manufacturer won't be known, so the entire inventory should be shown to pick from.

I've only seen this possible when a custom javascript form is used, but was wondering if there are other options available, such as using SoftTech experts AutoComplete or a similar add-on.



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Posted 3 years ago

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I can demo a quick select method which can be used with or without Dynamic Filters but also using the full report search box capability to quickly add 1 or several line items to an order quickly. Please contact me via the info in my profile if you would like a demo.
Jim, if you always want to select a mfgr and then see a list of parts for that mfgr, then that is an easy setup of a conditional drop down.  But if you also want to be able to choose from an unfiltered list, then you would probably need to set up that relationship twice, and have one of the reference fields be set as a conditional drop down and one not.  Then if the user chooses a mfgr, offer up the conditional drop down field and if they do not then show the drop list unfiltered.

Then a formula would need to be used to calculated the final related part number and use that for the lookups if the part number information.
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You can do this natively, although there are some considerations (explained at the end):

You need the following:

Manufacturers table

Parts table

Manufacturers parts table

Order Lines Table

Manufacturers < Manufacturers Parts > Parts

Order Lines > Manufacturers Parts

Order Lines > Manufacturers

Manufacturers and parts are added via the table Manufacturers parts.

For each new part you will need to add it also to a manufacturer called Unspecified (this is your complete list of parts), if the same part is sold by 10 manufacturers then you only have to add it to unspecified once.

Then in your relationship in order lines to manufacturers parts you base the conditional value on the selected related manufacturer and the related manufacturer in manufacturers parts.

This will mean if you select unspecified you will get a full list of parts or if you select a manufacturer you will only get their parts.

Now you will also need a report link field setup so that it displays the records in manufacturers parts based on your selection (based on part number) it will display all manufacturers with that part when you chose unspecified and the relevant part, allowing you to then amend the drop down and proceed.

Consideration: you will need to amend the drop down to select a manufacturer if using this for ordering.

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Mark, thanks for the quick replies and you have good (as usual) ideas.  I demo'ed Soft Tech Experts Autocomplete add-on to my customer and they were impressed with how that worked, so it looks like that's the way we'll go.  Great pricing from Soft Tech Experts to.
Thx for letting me know.  I have never seen what their app does.  My solution is native and takes me about 2-3 hours to setup, so the cost is just for my 2-3 hours.