Logging edit history for Numeric Field

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I want to log the edit history for a Numeric field. I tried creating FORMULA-TEXT field. But using that i can log only last edit details. But i want to log all the edit history for that Numeric Field. 

Currently QuickBase supports logging edits only for Text Fields. Is there any way i can do that for a Numeric Field. Also, i dont want the user to see that edit history on the form. I want the edit history to be visible to Admin only. 
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Posted 1 month ago

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There isn't necessarily a field setting that can log number changes - but you can use Automations as a pseudo-log - and whenever your number changes, there is a built in way with automations to track the 'old' value and you can write that old value into a different field. Just pop that new field as an admin only field and you're all set.

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Yes, Using Automation i can log the last updated value but not the previous values before the last updated value. 

Is there a way to log all the edit history for that field ?
With an automation there are two values you can grab - the current value - meaning what the value is right now, and the 'old' value, which is the prior value. 

So if your number changed from 100 to 200 - an automation knows how to pull them both and you can log either. 

As for tracking the entire history - you would still need a text field with logging turned on. Basically you would use an automation to push the value you want to preserve into a text-log field so you have the running history. Its basically the same method as a using a standard text field with logging - you just need the automation to populate it

Chayce Duncan | Technical Lead
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While creating Automation > Actions > Filter Records :
I don't want any filter condition to be applied. If at all i applied any filter condition, the number of records automation has to be applied is becoming more than 1000. 

My Automation has failed with the following error:
ActionExecutionException: Number of records returned exceeded max of 1000.

Is there any other way ?
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Do you have another automation that is causing that many records to be changed at once? Generally when logging a field I don't expect that many records to be changing suddenly.
Sounds like you might have a matching issue where you're trying to edit records outside of the one that just changed. Your comment about filters is true - you don't need any additional filters - but you need your matching condition such that you're only editing the same record that was just changed 

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If all data entry is done on a form, you can have a text field with logging enables and have a form rule

When he record is saved
[My field] has changed

Change [My logging] field
to the value in the field [field to be logged]

You may need to have a new field called [My field to be logged in text format]
with a formula of ToText([My field to be logged]])
 and use that to be written to the logged field.

It Worked by using Dynamic Form Rule.

Thank You...