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I have a parent and child relationship between two tables. Updates are made to child records in a grid edit and the status of the parent is updated via a formula when the record is saved (if the status of all child records is complete, the parent record status is also complete).

I need a notification on the parent that triggers when the status is complete. 

At the moment I can't trigger any 'record updated' notification on the parent by updating the child records in the embedded grid edit table and saving the parent. I'm hoping it's not the case, but I think it could be because of a timing issue (the status of the parent not being updated before the check for a change to the record is made) or because changes to formula field values aren't regarded as a change to the record.

I could create a custom button that forces a change to the parent when the record is saved (by updating a dummy field), but wanted to see if I was missing something obvious.

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Posted 3 years ago

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You are not missing anything obvious.  Notifications fire "when the record is edited" (either manually edited or via a URL formula button which edits the record).  In your case, you are not editing the Parent so you cannot trigger a Notification.  You are correct that formula fields changing on a Parent record do not "count" when looking to trigger a Notification unless the record is edited.

My suggestion would be to have a URL formula button to toggle a field that would update a date field such as [Date Notification Triggered]  and that would trigger the Notification.  There could be a message to the users alerting them to  click the button when all Child tasks are complete, but the Parent Notification button has not been clicked yet.  You could also have a safety net report each morning of Parents needing their triggers triggered.  A user could clock the trigger and have the report refresh until the report was empty.

Now, having said that its impossible what is it that your users are doing on the child records in Grid edit.  if they are just indicating that a task is complete by updating a check box field or a [Date Completed]  field to Today, then that could be changed to a URL formula button to do that work.  Maybe that button would also toggle a field in the Parent record and that could trigger a Notification if at the time of the toggle all the tasks were complete.

I will leave this as a "Comment" for now to keep it as an open Question.
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Agree with the above your not missing anything. Just a few thoughts.....

Have you considered firing your update notification from the child table (rather than the parent) as a multi-record notification and pulling through all the fields from the parent into the child to enable the notification to be sent with all the detail? You could even create a special form to display the detail and use that for email only.

If your wanting to display summary fields in child records its possible to relate the table to itself, then to show a summary report in the form of all child records which are linked to the same parent id as the child record.

If you decide to go with the toggle button, I would recommend using two checkboxes with mirror notifications, that way the user doesn't have to worry where the checkbox was last. You can use a conditional api call to untick one then tick the other and so on and so on, each time its pressed that would be interpreted as an edit and fire your notifications.

Also not sure how time sensitive your notifications are, but you could just setup a daily email report of all parent records with updated children and send this out instead. You could base this on a summary field max date of child record.
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Thanks very much for the replies. I had thought about attaching the email to the child table or adding a 'Send Email' save button that would change a field in the parent record. As it happens, the user was happy to check a 'send email' checkbox to trigger the email, so the solution was much simpler.