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I'm struggling with an access rights conundrum and wondered if anyone could provide inspiration!

Table A = Parent Records
Table B = Child Records (anywhere between 1 and 120 per Parent Record)

Users are grated access to records in Table B (children) based on various criteria.

The rules are defined within a formula checkbox which is then used in the Table B custom access permissions, so that if a user meets the relevant criteria they can view and edit the record.

All works nicely and everything was going well at this stage!

Now the problem I have is that I want to only make the parent records visible to the users if the user can access any of the related child records - and this is where I've hit a brick wall.

If (for logic purposes) we assumed the users were in Table C - then C would have many to many relationships with both the records in A and B.

In other words users need to be able view multiple records in A and B, and there are multiple users who need to be able to view the same record.

I'm starting to think that the only solution is to give users access to all records in the parent, but restrict their ability to 'find' them by only providing links from the children to access (i.e. no reports available, deselecting all fields from the default search fields in Table A and hiding the table in the menu bar).

Any other ideas or inspiration welcome!


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Posted 6 years ago

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I had a similar situation myself for a client and came to a similar solution.  The owner needed employees to have access to the Client table (which is the top-most parent), but only for Clients where that employee was an Assigned Resource working on a Project.  So the information was on a "need to know" basis so the employees could not leave the company and walk out the door with a complete Client list.

I came to the same conclusion that its a bit of a circular calculation for QuickBase and  you find that as soon as you set up that Parent Restriction, then the users lose pretty much all access, as they can't see any Parents or any children records.  So we just allowed them to do a search for a company name with a search box, but made them enter a minimum of 3 characters in the search box, and blocked access to the table itself and only made it available via very specific reports on the Dashboard.
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Hi Mark

Thanks for your response - good to know that I'm not missing something obvious!

Out of interest - how did you restrict the search to a minimum of three characters?

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I had some code written by Charles at Trinity. Contact me off line via the links in my Profile if you like.
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If the user has access to only certain records, could you not create a field to count the number of those records in the child tables that the user has access to, pull this up to the parent table and if the count is Equal to 0 then not display them on the report.
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To answer Jack the answer is "no". I think that its a bit of a circular determination for QuickBase, so you cannot control access to the Parent based on access to children. It just wont work.

The typical situation would be to try to let say a team member only see projects they have been assigned to as a resource. But it won't work.