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I need to be able to extract a user ID from a selected user.

The process is as follows:

When I select a user in a form, I would like to have a formula text field that populates the UserID from that user field.  I have read a similar article:


But i need a bit of help with the formula that needs to be inputted into the field.  Also, because its an API call, would I have to use a URL formula field and then run the script in that way?

If I can just get all the user information into a field, I can then run the following formula in another field: Left(Right([User Field],"<"),">") to extract the ID only

Please can someone assist with the format of the API call formula: API_GetUserInfo

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Posted 2 years ago

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Chuck Grigsby

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I read the post and do not like the native way. I would suggest the api call. You'll need the users email so could just have a field on the form. You'll need to implement the IOL technique if you have already. Feel free to contact me if you need coding help. Chuck@chuck.support
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> ... do not like the native way. ... You'll need to implement the IOL technique

Goofus employs the IOL, BOL and SW techniques with QuickBase to achieve the impossible.

Gallant uses only native QuickBase features and waits for proper releases.
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Patrick Dunn

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Hi Chuck. I've implemented the IOL technique, but I'm struggling to do the rest. In a form, when a user dropdown changes, I want to run  API_GetUserInfo for the user chosen in the dropdown and then populate a field of the form with the user's userID. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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QuickBasePros (Laura Thacker), Champion

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What would you use the ID# for, out of interest?
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Patrick Dunn

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I have an app in which I've added @mycompany.com as a user - granting all registered users of my firm basic access to the app, which includes access to a profile table. Users can create a profile for themselves and in so doing identify the role the user should have in the app.

Once the form is populated, a formula URL field button will appear. The button will use the API_AddUsertoRole call.

So to answer your question, I want to use the userID within the API_AddUserToRole call. 

Make sense? Happy to discuss! I'm eager for any assistance.