Return to previous location after editing a form (row) in a QB report?

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I have a report in QB with over 3000 records. I filter the data which returns a subset of 500 records. I want to edit a specific record which is on the 3rd page of the filtered selection (I had to go to the bottom of the screen and click the arrow pointing to the right to get to the 3rd page of data). After I've clicked into the row to edit that specific record of data and then click "Save," quickbase takes me back to the 1st record of data on the 1st page of the filtered content. This means I have to go the the bottom of the page again and click through 2 pages of records to get to the next record below the one I just edited.  Is there any way to have Quickbase return me back to where I clicked into the data in the first place (3rd page in)?

In other words the issue I'm facing is this: Say I'm on Gap's website and I am looking at men's shirts. I've gotten to the 3rd page of their shirt inventory on the website. I find a shirt I like. I click the picture to look at more details related to that shirt. I decide I don't like it so I hit the back button. Instead of returning me to the 3rd page of shirts, I'm now taken back to the top of the first page of shirts... annoying! 

Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Matt,
There’s a simple solution that works on most browsers by making use of browser tabs.

After filtering the report and getting to the page where the record is located, right-click on the pencil icon (to edit) or the eye icon (to view) and select “open in new tab”; you can then edit or view the record in a new browser tab and close it when you’re done.

Return to the original tab, where the filtered report will be at the exact same location where you left it.
If you edited the record on the other tab, simply click on the refresh icon of your browser or hit F5 on your keyboard.

The page will reload and show the record you modified if it falls within your original filtering criteria but most importantly will preserve the location.