Unable to filter report by Date

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I may be going about this the completely wrong way. But here is my end goal.

I want to be able to create a report that shows the Defect Ratio for each Operator that I can filter by date of Defect entry.

I have been able to create a report that shows me the defect ratio of each operator. However there is not an option for me to filter this data by date of entry. It is currently showing the defect ratio from the beginning of time (2014).

ex: If Operator A had a defect ratio of 32% in 2014 (BAD), but a 0% defect ratio in 2015 & 2016 (GOOD), that shows a great improvement. From my report however, all I can see is Operator A has a defect ratio of 32% which looks horrible. I want to be able to sort this data yearly or quarterly to allow for management to clearly see uphill or downhill trends by a specific date range.

Some more info that may be relevant:

I have two tables

table 1 = defects

table 2 = operators

I have the relationship setup = operators can have many defects

New entries are entered in the Defect Table

note: ref attachment for more info.

1) I am not able to add "date range" filter to my original report that shows the defect ratio among operators. It is not an option...

2) On the new report I created which DOES allow me to filter by date range, it is not filtering correctly. I need it to only show me the defects and inspections for that window of time. Instead it is still reporting defect and inspections over ALL time.

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Posted 3 years ago

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How about just making a couple of reports. Use the Column group by as Date and Make one with with Quarterly groups and one with annual groups
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The current report that shows Defect Ratio shows all defects over all time (not annual). I am not able to filter or group by Date. It automatically only shows data over all time.
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One thing I have done on some of my tables that do not allow me to filter by date is to add a field called Date and have it be a formula Date field and the formula is just set to date created. Once I did that I could properly filter all the records. There might be a better way to handle it, but that has been working for me.