URL formula wildcard for Dropbox and Sharepoint OneDrive

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I tried adding asterisk to end of URL formula to link to folder on Dropbox.
The folder name is unique however each folder name also has a date time as part of the foldername at the end.

The asterisk doesn't work, get an error in Dropbox and also tried with Sharepoint, no success.

In my formula sample below I was hoping adding an asterisk after Object ID would work at the end of the formula to find the folder with that Object ID. 

If I leave off the * it works and finds the folder if the folder name has no other characters after the Object ID.

The issue is that most of the folder names have date and time and other characters after the Object ID as part of the folder name. 

[Object ID]<>0, (


If(Contains([Pole_Data Source],"Pink"), "Pink",
If(Contains([Pole_Data Source],"Green"), "Green",
If(Contains([Pole_Data Source],"Yellow"), "Yellow", " ")))

& "%20Line%20Photos/"

& "xxx-"&
Left((Right([Pole_Data Source], "-")), " ")&

"_" & ToText([Object ID])&"*", "")
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Posted 9 months ago

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I'm not positive this will resolve your issue, but it may be worth a try.

In place of the asterisk, use the encoded version %2A.

Strangely, the Quick Base function URLEncode( ) doesn't recognize this encoding, however other sites confirm this is the proper encoding for the asterisk.

Let me know if that works for you.