What triggers the selection to edit a record with an Action

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I have been using Quick Base Actions to add records but have not been able to use Edit a Record. is there a trigger or a field such as Record ID that needs to be copied over. I am using actions to add a record when a record is added but now want to edit a record when a record is edited....what am I missing here?
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Posted 2 years ago

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No problem.  But there is a trick.

When an action fires it can add a record or edit records.  Typically, they will be child records, but there is reason they need to be child records.  They are simply a set of records are defined by a report link field.

So .....

Make a report link field of the actual record to itself.  So on the left side of the Report link field you will select [Record ID#] and on the right side you navigate to select the same app, and then the [Record ID#] field.  So the "set of records" will be exactly the only record you are sitting on.

Give some thought about the conditions so that you don't needlessly fire the Action or put it into a loop.  Keep in mind that the Action editing a record  can potentially trigger that same action.

Maybe that is why, initially, they have made this process to edit a record, somewhat obscure as to how to set it up.  Presumably in a future release they will allow a more native choice to edit the record itself, without resorting to the report link trick.
Typically, they will be child records, but there is no reason they need to be child records.
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In your instructions following the word "so,"  where is this work completed? In the relationship settings? or ?
It's a common misunderstanding that you need to have a Relationship to have a Report Link.  It's in fact not true.
When you make a relationship, Quick Base says "would like fries with that?".  So it gives you the fries automatically (ie a Report Link field on the left side of the Relationship) because you might like them.  But in fact, indeed,  you are allowed to order fries at MacDonalds without ordering a hamburger. (ie you may order "a la carte")

In other words, just create a new field of type Report Link and configure the left and right field to match as being equal to each other.