Why is the QB system slow to open and is slow when switching between Apps?

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Everyday, one of my first tasks of the day is to open QuickBase and update time cards from the previous day. It seems that when QB opens, there is a lag of at least 30-40 seconds while it opens the home page. Moreover, when selecting the first App, there is another equally long or longer lag while that App opens. I experience the same lag when moving from one App to another.

Our Apps are not particularly large with the largest consuming about 50% of allotted space for an App.

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Posted 4 years ago

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I think that it is what it is and if you are using up 50% of the allotted space for an app, which means about 250 MB, then in fact there is a lot of data there. While the way QuickBase works is proprietary and not published, my understanding is that when an app is first opened by anyone (not just you), it "wakes up" and is loaded from a hard disk into memory.  That would be similar to opening up a huge spreadsheet in Excel.  Once in memory it's very "Quick".  Then if no one uses the app for a while, It gets parked off to disk again and into hibernation.

My suggestion is not to get upset by this.  There is lot to do in the morning as you get settled in, organize your to do list, open your email, change your voicemail greeting, chat up the girls in the office ... so just give QuickBase a nudge to get it loading up and switch off to do one of those other things rather than watch impatiently at the screen.
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You could also put in a support case where our customer Care team can take a look to see if there's anything not working properly.

If you haven't done this before: Click Help at the top of your QuickBase screen, then "Manage Support Cases" and describe the problem there.