Can a checkbox synchronise between two tables?

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Can I create a checkbox in two related tables that updates whether it is checked in either of the two tables (synchronised). e.g., I have a job table and and report table, the job table is the parent table.
On the report table is a checkbox called "accepted", if "accepted is checked on the report table (child) I would like it to also check the "accepted" checkbox in the job table and visa versa if it is checked from the job table.
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Posted 1 year ago

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While this can be done with Actions, I suggest using formuals will be an easier setup.

You can have a summary field to count the # of reports which are completed.  The have a field on the Project called [Checkbox Status] to show as a calculated checkbox 

[# of reports completed] > 0 or [Project checkmark]=true

Then on the child record, similarly you can lookup [Checkbox Status] to the Reports table and have a formula field called [Report Status] like

[checkbox status lookup] = true or [Reports checkbox] = true