Can I link to a document hosted on another table within my app when creating new records on a table?

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I have an app I use for setting up system access for new employees that has several tables relating to employee records. There is a table of Documents that are templates to be used when creating records in other tables. I want to have a button when I am creating a new record in my Requests table that will pull up the specified template from my Documents table. The document would be the same one for all records on the table.

I have tried to make a file attachment field type, but that only lets me upload a new document with the record. And I was also looking at a formula URL field and have been tinkering with different ways to set up a table relationship, but have not been able to figure this out.

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Posted 3 years ago

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You can make a Relationship where One Document has many Employee Records.  The first lookup would be the Document name (I assume that you have a description field on the documents table.  That will be your "reference proxy field".

The the formula text field to display a downloadable clickable link would be

URLRoot() & "up/" & [_DBID_DOCUMENTS] & "/a/r" & [Related Document] & "/e11/v0"

The e11 is the field ID when has the document attachment, so change the 11 to the FID of the field .  Obviously you will need to change [_DBID_DOCUMENTS] to the Table name of your own Documents table.