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I have a table-to-table relationship where I have a link in Table1 to create a new record in Table2.  When the new record is created in Table2, some of the fields in that form are pulled from fields in Table1.

I have a field in Table2 (not associated with any field in Table1) that needs to be required.  However, when a user is entering information into this form, I would like for that field to default to a blank/null value.  By doing this, it would require the user to actually pay attention to this field and pick the correct value rather than ignoring it and leaving the default value as is.

I've tried to do this in QuickBase, where the field in Table2 is a drop down that is required but has no default.  However, when I click the link in Table1 to add a new record to Table2, the following error page populates:

<errtext>Missing required value</errtext>
Sorry, you did not supply a value for the required field named "Date Decision Approved" with field id 51. Please provide a non-blank value for this field.

Is there any way to get this field to default to a blank/null value but also be required?  Or, if you have any ideas of how to circumvent this that would help as well.

- Sam
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Posted 11 months ago

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If I understand your question, note that you can have the form make a field required, but then not be required as a field property. 

So you can create the record with a null value but users would not be able to edit on a form without completing that field. 
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This works. But in the case of Grid Edit, where i do need the same rules, the value in the field is now not mandatory anymore. I know that the form rules cannot be applyed te grid edit for now. Is there a way, through a formula/automation, to give a mandatory field a blank value? (by using form rules to add a value before saving and afterwards deleting the value in some way)
Sorry, I’m not understanding your question or your use case. Can you explain with an example?
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silviu matei

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I have a tasks table that has a Duration field. When i create the task i need the field to be optional because i can't always tell how much time it will take me to do that task. Only when i finish the task (by changing another field named "status") i need that field to be mandatory.

I have tried recreating the form rules in some way or another. I have played around with having the fields mandatory/not-mandatory, from the fields section of the table and from the form, with no luck. Last i have tried automations but they don't let me use blank values for the duration (i set a dummy value for the duration when an item is created and then erase it with the automation to get my desired result).
I suggest a simple form rule
When [Status] is equal to xxxxxx
Require Duration.
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Yes, that works. I need to replicate these rules to apply in grid edit too. Grid edit being a way to skip the rules and i can't allow that for safety reasons (can't disable grid edit because i need it for certain cases).
At present Dynamic Form rules do not apply to Grid Edit.  I suppose it's a known wish list item by Quick Base staff to address this, but I have not heard of any timetable or priority for this.

You can, however put up warning messages calculated by formula on a grid edit report.
It's the most popular feature request in Uservoice, and by a huge margin.

The only solutions here are creative ones. Fire an automation that generates huge problems for the user any time a task is saved with a 'finished' status and blank duration. You know, deactivate their time card until the discrepancy is cleared, or something like that. Fire email notifications every 5 minutes. Get the humans to do the work the system can't...