How can I restrict transitions for the Status field in my form? A to B valid, A to C not valid. Once status = B, then either A or C, From C either B or D and so on.

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A single record moves through various status over the lifecycle of the record so want to make sure record moves through a given process path and doesn't skip interim status. E.g Working, Review, Approved or Revise, Closed

Record goes from Working to Review and cannot directly go to Approved. Once in Review it can go to either Approved or Revise.

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Posted 4 years ago

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I suggest that you make URL formula buttons to push to change the status field.    Keep the status field only show a mirror of the status field so that no one can change it directly on he form or a grid edit report.  Then use form Rules and /or formulas in the URL field itself to control which buttons are visible to the user.