How can you make it possible edit a table related to table thats related to the master table?

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Quickbase Aficionados,

Here's my issue... 

My Table Names: "P.O. Receiving"(master table), "IMNs", "Serial Numbers"
Table to Table Relation 1: With each P.O. there are many "IMNs"
Table to Table Relation 2: With each IMN there are many "Serial Numbers"

Primary Issue:
I would like to be able to see the Serial Numbers associated with IMN on the "P.O. Receiving"(master) table. (As of right now, it just displays a link, refer to the first image below. It is underlined in pink)
I would also like to make it possible to add and/or grid edit those serial numbers after the IMN is added.
(As of right now it prompts me a message that states "Non editable field", as shown below in the second image)

Secondary Issue:
To make the situation a little more difficult... the serial numbers are conditioned within the IMN.
I have a multiple choice field option within the IMN table that is called "IMN Type"
The IMN type has the choices "serialized" or "stock". 
I set up a rule for this
"When IMN Type is equal to Serialized, show Serial Numbers"
"When IMN Type is equal to Stock, hide Serial Numbers"

If it is possible to show the "Serial Numbers" table on the master table, "P.O. Receiving" table, is there a way to hide the Serial Numbers if the "IMN Type" is equal to stock?

I know this is specific to my app, but let me know if there's any confusion. 

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Posted 7 months ago

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I will answer part 1 of your question.  Lets get that far before the part 2.

You want to show grandchildren on the grandparent record.  make sure that the Grandchildren (Serials) knows the record ID of the Grand parent.  Look up the field probably called [Related PO receiving] from IMN down to serials.  call it [Record ID# of PO Receiving].

Then go to the PO receiving table and create a field of type report link. call it [Report Link of serials] In the field setup select [Record ID#] on the left and then on the right navigate to your app and then to the field [Record ID# of PO Receiving] on the serials table.

Put that Report Link field [Report Link of serials] on the PO Receiving form and select to display the records on the form.