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I would like to figure out how to send a notification email to a list of users in a separate table.

I have a meeting notes app (nice app I got from the app store).  I would like to click on the "send meeting notes" button I created and it sends the meeting notes to the meeting participants, who are all linked in a related table and show on the form via the report link.

I want the notification to go to the meeting participants and no one else, but I just can't figure this out.

If you look at the picture, you can see the table I am talking about.  



Michael Custer

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Posted 3 years ago

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I see three choices here. The issue as you have discovered is that the email addresses are in the child records. That means that the email notification needs to be fired off the child record. It can have a link to the patent record though with the meeting notes.

Option 1
Make a checkbox field called send meeting notes, Put it on the child table form and enable grid edit. Edit the Parent and fill down all the checkboxes. Save and the email will fire.

However, that will result in the multi record format being used for the email notification, so the result will probably disappoint you.

Option 2
I can help you make a button to click beside each meeting attendee to mark a checkbox and trigger the emails. So if 10 attendees, then 10 clicks.

Option 3
I can write a script for you to click to check all the checkboxes in one click. Contact me off line to discuss the effort required. It's probably an hour of work or so.
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I am looking for a similar notification. I would like the child table to send a notification to a user in the parent table. Are your above suggestions the same for my situation? Thank you!
No, its much easier for you. Just lookup the User field down to the Child and fire the Notification off when the child record changes.
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Thank you! That worked!!