Trying to keep the 0 after a decimal place in a numeric field eg. 1.10 1.20 etc

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Numeric fields automatically remove the 0 at the end of a numeral with a decimal place, so 1.10 will become 1.1 but I want it to stay as 1.10.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Edit the field properties and set the # of decimals to 2
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... I'm a moron, thank you. I can't believe I overlooked that
:)  Nothing in Quick Base is hard, but there are 1,000 easy things to know.  So you just need to trip 1,000 times once to nail them all.
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Similar question. I have it set where it pulls correctly to 2 decimal places on any forms or tables. However, when I try to pull a field into a mailto: it loses the formatting. I saw a previous post of yours recommending using round to solve the problem for cutting it down to 2 points. That solved that problem. Now the only issue is when there is a 1.1 as in above it is losing the 0 and I need it added back.
so you will need to convert the number to text with a formula.  I have a small collection of them, but here is one that should work from my notes.

Substitute in your field name where I have the field [currency field]

var number Value = Round([currency field],0.01);
var text Decimals = "." & Right(ToText(Int(Abs($value) * 100)),2);
var text Thousands = If(Abs($Value)>=1000,ToText(Int(Abs($Value)/1000)));
var text Hundreds=Right(ToText(Int(Abs($Value))),3);

IF($Value<0, "-") & "$" & List(",",$Thousands,$Hundreds) & $Decimals)

Let me know how it goes and if I need to test the formula myself.
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what if you need to do this up to the millions, do you just keep adding variables for each digit?
not tested but you woul;d need this extra line

var text Millions = If(Abs($Value)>=1000000,ToText(Int(Abs($Value)/1000000)));

and then 

.....List(",",$Millions, $Thousands,$Hundreds) & $Decimals)
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saving my life here! Thank you!
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Thanks for the tip. As I needed to display negative values in red, I went with the following approach. I just check how many characters are after the decimal after formatting, then I add back ad is needed.

var text txtRounded = ToFormattedText(Round([yourvalue]*100,0.01),"none_dot");
var number wheredot=If(Contains($txtRounded,"."),Length(Right($txtRounded,".")),0);
var text fmtnbr = If($wheredot = 0, $txtRounded & ".00", If($wheredot = 1, $txtRounded & "0", $txtRounded)) ; 

If([yourvalue] < 0,  "<span style='color: #EA3C53'>" & $fmtnbr & "</span>",$fmtnbr)
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How to format to one place decimal using code from Robert (above)?
Want to show 00.0%