We want to send automatic emails to alert customers that their yearly maintenance is due. Are there any apps that do this, or do we need another program in tandem?

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Specifically, we need something that will email them prior to the service date, without having to manually send out such emails to all of our customers.  

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Posted 3 years ago

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The low tech solution is to make a report of Customers due or past due to be reminded.  I would suggest making a URL formula button to update the date emailed to Today and then refresh the report.  The report would have 1 less record on it upon refresh, so all someone needs to do each morning is to receive an automated Subscription report and then mindlessly click the button on each record until the report is empty.

The button click would update the date emailed and that would be used to trigger a notification to your Customer.  So, yes, someone would need to click on each record, but its pretty easy to do each morning.  If that was too much clicking, then a developer like myself could write a script which would just need to be clicked once and that would fire off all the email Notification due to go out that day. 

I have posted an app in the Exchange called URL formulas for Dummies which explains how to make such a URL formula button.  I suggest reading that help info there and posting back if you get stuck.