Can I make a successor start in the middle of a predecessor while still remaining responsive?

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How would I go about creating a successor that has a delayed start, that is responsive to any changes in the start date of the predecessor? 

Let's say, for example, I have Step 1 (as predecessor) and Step 2 (as successor). I would like Step 1 to start on 8/5/16 and end on 8/31/16, but I would need Step 2 to overlap 2 weeks into Step 1. So I need Step 2 to start on 8/19/16. If I were to change the start date of Step 1 (due to delays of any sort), Step 2 would remain 8/19/16. I would need Step 2 to respond to the start date change made to Step 1 and react accordingly.

I know there is nothing natively, but I'd love to hear any solutions, whether through plug-ins or code, that has worked for anyone.

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