Duration between a date and a variable set to a contract start date

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I set ContractStart as a Variable in Home/Settings/Variables.

I then want to calculate the number of days since the contract start date.

I set a field for [Date] and have tried all sorts of variations for my [Duration From Contract Start' field.

I tried making it a Formula - Duration
Days([Date]-ToDate([ContractStart])) yields "expecting number but found duration"

ToDays([Date]-ToDate([ContractStart])) yields "expecting duration but found number"

Changing the field to Formula - Number

ToDays([Date]-ToDate([ContractStart])) yields no error messages but nothing populates the field.

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Posted 9 months ago

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I can help you, but why would you want to set a global variable for the contract start.  Do you have a record representing each separate contract?  Does that Contract record have the Contract Start Date as a field and the other field you call [Date]?

Or does the whole app really refer to a single date for the Contract Start Date.