Formatting how a report is displayed

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QuickBase is putting my OCD into overdrive today looking at table reports. This is one example of a report.

There are three things I'd like to fix, but I can't seem to out how (if even possible).

1. How do I make the report wider so it's not so condensed? It's especially annoying when the report show up on a form

2. Can I align the column header differently from the data below? E.g. center the header but right justify the data

3. How do I keep the headers from wrapping? They don't wrap when I'm in form view.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Quick Base, as with most internet pages,  does its best to fit the report onto the screen size of the user and the zoom level of the browser.

But there are a few cheats.  If you really don't not want a column header to wrap the only way is to either rename it or create a formula mirror field with a name like this

This_Column_Header_will_not Wrap

ie use underscores and then Quick Base will not be able to find a suitable way to wrap.

You can also set certain fields type not to wrap, in terms of the data .

You cannot natively control the centering of the headings or the data separately.  They can be controlled in Column properties when viewing a report, but the setting affects both the heading and the data.

A report will will tend to expand as wide as it needs to to reduce wrapping, but there is not a way to make a report get needlessly wider.
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I can answer 1 of your 3 questions (1), but don't know the answer for #2 & #3.

1. Click on "My preferences" under your name on the right top corner. You should see options to have your report "regular" or "relaxed"
3. Is "display without wrapping" under properties helps to resolve this issue - not sure? Just wondering.

Hope it helps.
Good point. I forgot about that relaxed vs compressed setting, like the way I buy my jeans.  I'm too old for the skinny jeans.
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You can "override" or "enhance" the column widths with script for a specific report but more likely than not you are just going wind up to play wack-a-mole playing with the widths or logic you want to apply.