How can I add a data connection to an existing table?

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I have an existing table that I have been manually importing a .csv file into every day.  Now that the BOX connection functionality exists, it seems I can have this .csv file emailed to box and have Quickbase pull the data from there automatically.

How do I get this setup on the existing table?  I don't want to make a new one as the existing table has relationships to other tables where users have been manually selecting which item they're referencing.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Great question!  I have been wondering the same thing myself, and I have many clients in the same situation.
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Hi Jen,

Unfortunately this functionality is not available yet today.  The good news is our Engineers have been hard at work to deliver this as soon as we can!

If you haven't already, please contribute to our User Voice topic so our Product Development team can understand our users' needs and expectations for this functionality:

It is our hope to be able to deliver this in the next year.

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In the meantime, you can use this workaround:

  1. create a new app with Sync tables to your Box account
  2. set up a table-to-table import into your existing table(s) from the new table(s). 
  3. Use a tool like Zapier (free plan will allow this) to set up a Zap that uses a "schedule by zapier" to trigger a "webhooks by zapier" GET that is an API_RunImport for the import you setup in step #2.
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Oh my, Santa is real and came through for me this Christmas!  I have steps 1 and 2 implemented, but have been going to click that import button every day.  Excited to implement step 3!!!
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Any update on the availability of this feature?
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I'm curious about this also. Is there currently a way to add a connection to an already existing table. Without having to use a workaround or creating an entirely new Table again?
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My workaround was to create a brand new connected table, then use "import" on my original table - "Import into a table from another table" to pull over data from the connected table. You can save the import settings to match up the fields, so I go mash a button once a day to copy over what was brought into the connected table. It is faster and more consistent than uploading a file. (I have two backups who have access to mash the import button as well.)

It's not ideal, but I figure we'd have to spend a few years doing that every weekday before it would be more time than recreating my main table as a connected table. It has 405 fields, 25 relationships to other tables, and a form with lots of dynamic rules.
Good workaround. Note that automations can now run on the schedule and automations can run saved to table to table imports so you can set up an automation to run that import every morning around midnight.

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