How to create a formula url field that creates a report based on field values?

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I currently have two tables that do not currently share a relationship. Between these two tables I have two fields that share a similar field called extension.

In table A, this extension fields contains only an extension such as “101”. In Table B this Extension field contains this same extension but with additional text such as “ 101 – Bob Johnson”.

In table A, I have a report link that displays logs of table B that have the same extension. (Via the field relationship in the report link).

Since there is no actual relationship built between the two tables. Would it be possible to build a button that when clicked in a record in Table A,it displays a report of logs from Table B with Matching Extensions but will also filter based on start and end date fields in the Table A records?


Table A Fields:

Start Date

End Date



Table B Fields




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Yes this is possible to do.  If its important and no one else chimes in with an answer, feel free to contact me via the information in my profile.