I am trying to create a parts ordering setup and trying to figure out how to create kits that contain multiple parts.

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I am wondering if anyone has setup or would be able to point me in the right direction. I have already setup a couple of parts tables for ordering parts when they are one part item per line.

My dilemma now is to create a kit number with multiple parts and part numbers per kit. So in this case, I have kit BR549 and within this kit is 6 individual parts, part numbers and prices per each. I want to be able to select this kit and have it populate the the table with a list of parts, qty and pricing. I would use this table to create an exact form quote to the customer (already doing this now with another table).
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Posted 3 years ago

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I have done a lot of work with kits including a neat app I plan to put in the Exchange over Christmas which allows for building kits out of kits with unlimited nesting of levels for costing purposes.

So are you saying that you want to be able to select a kit and then have the 6 individual line items from that Kit be populated onto a quote parent record?
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Yes, the kit would be comprised of individual parts and part numbers that need to be ordered to make a whole. So if I select kit ABC and say a quantity of two....my list would show a kit number and maybe an indented list of each part by part number, description and quantity. Mind you I am trying to build this into a current master app that I am working on.
This can be done using native QuickBase but you would need ot contact me via the information in my profile for one on one assistance.  It would probably take an hour or two to get this working.
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I am curious what behavior you want for these kits beyond simply adding a set of child records in one step. Questions:

1) Do you want the kit to have a special price which may be different from the same items added individually?
2) Do you want the kit to be deletable in one step without having to delete individual items?
3) Do you want to allow a kit to be composed of other constituent kits?
4) How are you representing the components of each kit (what tables) and how do you want to deal with kits that may come or go over time?

I am just trying to understand what features for the kits that you need beyond just added a set of elements items in one step. Stated another way, once a kit is added as a set of child items how does a kit behave differently than just manually adding the kit's constituent items one by one>
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So I will start out by say what I have so far....

I do have a parts ordering system set up for entering parts orders by single items. This is comprised of 4 tables (Parts Type, Parts Descriptions, Parts Line Items, and Parts Orders).  I have pricing and parts markup capability on each part but it is built into the tables when I add a new item. I have already figured out that in this new app I need to do it by customer by have not made that change yet.

Currently I simply built a Kit BOM table with fields for Master Kit#, Part Qty, Description, and some pricing columns but again, a straight markup built into the table. For me to capture a parts list for order, I put a drop down on my form looking up the master kit# and dropped in a report under it filtered to the selection in the drop down. At this point this does nothing more than show me the list. There is no ability to capture and report on the total number and quantity of individual parts ordered which is where I want to get to for manufacturer and forecasting.

Now to answer the questions above

1) Kit and individual parts pricing would be based on customer and yes, I would think that there needs to be different pricing for kit parts vs individual parts

2) I believe that kits should be able to be deleted without deleting the individual items, but at this point I cannot see far enough out to know that I would ever want to delete them at this point

3) Currently I cannot determine a need for a kit inside a kit but that may be a viable option and need but not at this time

4) As stated above, I have set up a parts table but no kits involved and a Kit BOM table where I can add individual parts with a Master Kit#.

I have not thought this through enough but believe that I would have the need to build a kit from the parts table that I have now and be able to tag parts as individual or as a kit and if a kit, build out the list.

Currently by Add Parts function works off of conditional drop downs and lookups. I select the Part Type, that filters the selection of Part Descriptions and the selection in there populates the Part Number, pricing etc. Once all of the parts are added, I have Exact Forms set up to generated to documents...Quote to Customer and Part Order to the vendor.

So with all of this I would need the kits and individual parts to show up on the same invoice. I envision that the parts of a kit would all show up as individual parts on an invoice.

This may be worth a call and screen share!
This can be done with native QuickBase but the setup to coax multiple lines from a kit to jump onto an order as Parts Line items is more than I can explain here in detail.  Contact me via the information in my profile if you are looking for assistance in setting up a native QuickBase solution to do this.  Basically the technique involves putting focus on a kit and an order and then using API_RunImport to copy the information from the focus kit items to the order as Parts Lines.