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I needed to lookup a values of a record before the record I am currently on.

I created a formula [Record ID#]-1

I created a relationship pointing to the same table with proxy of this formula field

This should point to the record before the current record.

I added the fields I want to pull from the previous record but the data does not show up. When I look at the previous record it's there but its not pulling the values for some reason.

Am I doing anything wrong?

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Posted 1 year ago

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the record ID of any new record is not created until the record is saved for the first time.  so, you probably want the self-relationship to include a summary field which is 'MAX - Record ID', so that you know the largest Record ID# CURRENTLY in existence
You have the disadvantage of knowing SQL :)
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Yup... :)

How about looking up the maximum Call ID but only until the current record. That will always show the call ID before the current one but only if it exists. Any way to lookup maximum only if its less than the current call id?

Thanks again
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Well you are in luck Mark as being an engineer and knowing FORTRAN a new feature called WASM will allow you to use FORTRAN with QuickBase once WASM is widely supported. WASM will eventually allow almost any language to inter-operate with the Web.

Until WASM lands use JavaScript.

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I can't picture how that could work.maybe there is a solution if there was a table of all the record ID's, but I have not thought this though.
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I have a table that has all record ID's.