maximum limit of 20 derived fields

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Is there any way to get around this limit?

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There is no way around that limit.  The only option is to carefully review each form rule and see if you can re-write it in a way which does not "use up" a derived field.  A derived field is one which is a formula or a lookup, basically one that is not a simple data entry field.

In some cases, you may be able to have a more complex formula fieldbut fewer of them use in the form rules.  For example, if a form rule depends on two formula fields, and you can combine those two fields into a single field by formula for the purpose of a form rule.
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>Is there any way to get around this limit?

Use script and you will not hit these arbitrary limits.
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Can you provide some examples, or assist in how you processed scripts?
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Ask a new question and include a description of exactly what behavior you want irrespective of the limitation on the number of derived fields.

In a nutshell we would use jQuery to detect various events you want to respond to and in reaction to these events emulate in code the user clicking of the section to toggle the visibility:

$("#sect_s1Header span.sectionTitle").click();

This approach is the least invasive of the QuickBase code since we are not directly manipulating the visibility of DOM elements but rather emulating user input.

This approach can detect a much wider set of events then are hardcoded into the QuickBase form rules.
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Hi Dan, I'm confident you can help me on a similar issue here :)

I have two fields on a form, that if changed, need to pop up a message (display message in form rules) and then require a specific field. This needs to happen if either or both fields change. Right now I'm using a webhook to push the current value of the field into another 'check' field, so that when the record is edited next time, the current and 'check' values won't match, causing the form rule to fire. However, I'm running into the max limit on derived fields due to all the other rules the client has in place. I'm happy to provide further info as needed. Thanks in advance Dan!
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I don't know how to do that. Can you point me in the right direction? All I'm looking to do is show specific sections when it is a specific task. I have about 15 different scenarios for this.
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Just to pile on some since you discuss limits, I have put in feedback, yes generic sounding, but specific to the entire QB program.  There are way too many QB imposed limits that don't need to be there.  Please follow this User Feedback link and vote to try and get QB to remove all the arbitrary limits they have imposed.

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Thanks Neil!  I added votes to that post.

Here is another User Feedback link to requesting a removal of those pesky derived field limits.
I wish I could drop more than 3 votes for this idea, because it causes so much additional energy and time in building viable work-arounds!