Undo 'Action-> Change the current user & the current date/time'

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I have in one of my forms a dynamic rule that 'timestamps' a date and user field when a checkbox field  is flagged.
Works nice :-)

It might sound unlogical but in my situation I would like to undo these timestamps (empty them) when a certain condition is met.
- In a perfect world the emtpy trigger should be when another person is selected from a drop downbox
- as an alternative I already whould be happy when the fields are emtied when we unflag the checkbox field again. (like toggling between two statuses)
I cannot find a way in dynamic form to empty a field based on a change in another field.
Any workarounds or options I simply missed??

(for whom is interrested:
This has to deal with that projects in preparation bounce for certain preparing actions between contacts that provide certain information for a project before it is eventually assigned to a PM.
This bouncing can happen a variable amount of times in any random direction- it's like controlling an Q&A process and trace where the action needs to go and who the current owner of te action='project-in-startup-phase'  is).

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Posted 2 years ago

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Chuck Grigsby

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Not sure how to do this natively but it may be possible. I would solve this with custom code. For example 
If(_fid_1.value == false){_fid_2.value = ' ' }
Why can't you have a form rule to change some fields to blank?
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There seems no condition 'when <field> change'
the only conditions are like equal, not equal, less, after, etc.

When I create dynamic rule on the same checkbox field and timestamps fields
I could say 'When <field> in not equal to [checked]

However in the actions there is no possibilty to:
'action change <user field> [blank]'
You are forced to select a user
  But I agree for a date  this could work, I will test that scenario later (tonight)
There is a form rule that triggers "when the record is saved".  Then you get to change fields based on fields changing.  Look for that a a choice in the form rule setup for the "When" box
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smile smile smile.

I woull have been surprised if you wouldn't be able to surprise me this time.
This indeed seems to open the door to what I'm looking for .

Thanks again!
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Thanks for your suggestion Chuck,
Immediatly a stupid -newbie- question back on your end:
Where to put that code as the fields are normal date and user fields?
Jan, we should look at native solutions first. Form Rules or else Actions.