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As i am Filemaker user and to get into a new platform would take a while to deal with its field and functioning.

i have 4 separate tables.i am creating a solution for keeping stock inventory for my mobile business. Table A deals with all the Orders i get. (Order No is unique and primary Key) Table B deals with all Product and its quantity i had shipped. (Have Multiple Same Order No Containing 1 IMEI for each) Suppose i get 2 phone orders so the Order no is used twice containing IMEI of each unit into one detail row.  Table C deals with payments.( have Multiple Order IDs because this month i get payment maybe other month the payment is deducted due to repair of phone related issue) Table D deals with product IMEI.(Have Unique IMEI no which is primary key.
Table A the Orders table have UNIQUE Order no and is the Primary Key Which is Related to Detailed Table B(Table B Have reference field by name of Order no).Table A related to Table C(Table C Have reference field by name of Order No)Table D related to Table B(Table B Have Reference Field by name of IMEI No)
Now i have linked up everything with 4000+ Orders details in it and their Payments and IMEI Nos into their relevant table which i downloaded from Ecommerce site i sell into.
Every thing seems to work fine accept the direct input of minning IMEI for the order which i want to update.
From order table summary which i look at weekly sales and find some invoices dont have the IMEI details input and which i try to go into detail of those Invoice and try to Add imei details to it which shows me the list of all the IMEI’s from the Table D. i was seking for such that if i try to add the imei it should take as user input rather than show me list from table D to select.
How to do it?
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